Student Locker



Lockers are provided to the students from Grade 5 – A Levels on proper terms and conditions.

Locker Policy and Procedures

  1. Lockers
    • All lockers are the property of Cornerstone School.
    • Locker contracts will be distributed during Homeroom.
    • Locker will be first come first serve only.
    • Locker will be first come first serve only.
    • Lockers will be distributed to students’ in alphabetical order
    • New students must see their respective coordinator to obtain a locker.
    • Students will be given keys for their lockers .
    • Access to lockers is permitted within school hours.
    • Lateness to class because of lockers could mean loss of locker privileges.
    • Lockers are to be kept clean. Abuse of lockers will forfeit privilege.
    • Lockers are made available for student use to store school supplies and personal items necessary for use at school.
    • The school assumes NO responsibility for loss or damage of any item in a locker, locked or unlocked.
    • School administration can search lockers to assure safety for the school.
    • A student using a locker which is the property of the school is presumed to have no expectations of privacy in that locker content.
  2. Inspection of Lockers
    • Inspection of lockers will be conducted at the end of every week.
    • Inspections will be done if it is believed that there is a risk of:
      1. an interference with school purposes or educational function
      2. Safety
      3. physical injury or illness of any person
      4. damage to personal or school property
      5. violation of school rules such as drugs, alcohol, weapons etc.
      6. retrieve school material/equipment
  3. Seizure
    • School administration may seize any illegal or unauthorized items in the locker, or any other items reasonably determined to be of a potential threat to the safety or security of others.
  4. Locker Maintenance
    • It is the student’s responsibility that the locker remains in good condition.
    • Students are to use lockers exclusively to store school related materials.
    • Students are solely responsible for the contents of the locker.
    • Students shall not share lockers with any other students.
    • Students will be charged Rs500 fee for damaged lockers. Replacement of the lost key will cost Rs.100.
  5. Clearance of Lockers
    • All lockers will be cleared out at the end of the year.
    • Any items left in the lockers will become school property.